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August 12, 2011 in Circles

Discover People On Google PlusIf you are looking for more people to add to your circles then look no further, this new site will have your circles overflowing. ‘Find people on plus’ has indexed more that 9.6 million Google users (to date) they are broken down into categories such as occupation, country, number of followers etc… You can also perform a search against these categories allowing for some really specific search results to be generated. If you’re not still not sure who to put in your circles then click on the ‘Discover people’ tab, here you will find top contributors on Google plus broken down into their area of expertise.

Don’t forget to add yourself while your there, you will need your Google Plus ID, which is the long number you can see in the address bar when you are signed into Google plus e.g.

Visit ‘Find people on plus’

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